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Kinki Amibari SeeKnit Needle Set


Kinki Amibari is very proud of traditional Japanese culture and was established in Nara, a 1,300-year-old ancient city, in 1916 by OYAMA Unokichi, and is the oldest bamboo knitting needle manufacturer in Japan.

Each bamboo knitting needle is diligently handmade from 100% specially selected hard and flexible moso and Japanese timber bamboo from Japan for a high quality product.

This set is the biggest I have ever seen, containing 12 needle tips!

tips M1.8: 4″ length: 2,25mm ; 2,75mm ; 3mm ; 3,25mm with cords: 20cm; 25cm; 30cm and cord joint

tips M2: 5″ length: 3,75mm ; 4mm ; 4,5mm ; 5mm with cords 32cm ; 54 cm and cord joint

tips M4: 5″ length: 5,5mm ; 6mm ; 7mm ; 8mm with cords 35cm ; 54cm ; 75cm and cord joint



Out of stock