My Colourful Life – Crochet Crazy Girl

We have been following Wendy for a long time, and she has been inspiring us, and other colour lovers for years:

“Wendy Erasmus-Koutlis is known as “Crochet Crazy Girl” on social media. She is a gifted and creative artist living in Fouriesburg, South Africa. Wendy’s love of crochet began in childhood growing up in Potchefstroom where farm workers taught her how to stitch. Wendy was encouraged by her mother and grandmother who also crocheted beautiful blankets. As a young adult Wendy lived in Durban, breeding parrots, and starting a business creating original design collector miniature teddy bears which sold well internationally. In 2013 she moved to Fouriesburg seeking a simpler life in the country and began working on crochet full-time. The beautiful surroundings and nature inspired new projects and designs. With her uncanny talent for choosing colors, her world is always bright, even in the bleak and cold winters. After her designs were posted to Instagram, she learned that she soon had thousands of followers. Two cats, Skylar and Tyger, a Yorkie named Wiksie, Kenya the parrot, and in particular, a very cheeky Rooster named Mielie, and her companion and partner Mark, a gifted photographer, are all part of this creative artistic environment.”

Her first book is now available in our studio. And they are signed by Wendy!

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